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SLIA – Serviços Logísticos Integrados de Angola, SA  offers integrated services to the Oil and Gas industry. With a qualified team of experts with long and vast experience in West African countries mainly Angola, SLIA responds efficiently to the logistics demands of the industry. Reliable, and with know how to carry out any project regardless of their scale or complexity.

Our Mission is to offer dedicated, efficient and reliable integrated Logistics services to the Angola Offshore Industry.

SLIA Serviços Logísticos Integrados de Angola, SA - info@sliangola.com
Tel:+244 222 372 518 - Fax:+244 222 330 482
Rua Guilherme Pereira Inglês, Nº 43, 7º Floor – Door A
Largo das Ingombotas (Edificio da TDA Peugeot) Luanda - Angola