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About Us

SLIA is a newly established Angolan company, 100% owned by Angolan nationals, with the purpose to serve Oil & Gas industry in response to their logistics’ demands. Our team of experts have long experience in the industry along with a vast knowledge of ground work in Angola. 

SLIA operates in below main industry segments:

  • Procurement & Supply Chain management
  • Offshore Vessels
  • Husbandry  & Agency Services
  • Offices, Housing & Stacking area
  • Engineering services
  • Manpower

SLIA works closely with its clients in order to provide tailor made solutions to their demands. Our team values, commitment and expertise provide a foundation for everything we do.
The company is registered with all statutory authorities in Angola, incl Ministry of Petroleum & CAE, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Angola (CCIA).

SLIA Serviços Logísticos Integrados de Angola, SA - info@sliangola.com
Tel:+244 222 372 518 - Fax:+244 222 330 482
Rua Guilherme Pereira Inglês, Nº 43, 7º Floor – Door A
Largo das Ingombotas (Edificio da TDA Peugeot) Luanda - Angola